About Kisekiya


Kisekiya comes from Japanese phrase,喜びの痕跡 (Yorokobi no Konseki)=喜跡=Kiseki.

It means Traces of Joy. 

The concept of Kisekiya is creating a place where you can treasure healthy food under one roof. 

Nowadays, people are more health conscious from choosing the country of origin of the food that is coming from to how much nutritions does the food contains. As we are in the age of IT, all sorts of information can be easily found from the internet which makes food producers need to provide more transparency of how they produce their food thus giving consumer reassurance that those products are safe and healthy to consume.

“Ever thought of if you could put 34 types of vegetables onto a scoop of soup?”

“Wonder if I can obtain 34 types of vegetables nutrition just within a bowl of soup?”

Today, Kisekiya brought you MM Soup, the world's very first soup that gives you 34 types of vegetables + Rice Koji blending into a single bowl of soup.





 Kisekiya's SouperBowl series soups are directly import from Maazel Corporation in Japan. The soup is known as MM Soup (Maazel Maazel Soup), selling widely in Japan's major department stores such as Takashimaya, Daimaru Matsuzaka-ya, Hakata Hankyu, Hiroshima Mitsukoshi, Shimonoseki Daimaru (Kanto & Kyushu shops also), Kyushu TSUTAYA, Lawson, AEON, Daishin, Hiroshima Andersen, Akomeya, and others.

All of Maazel Maazel’s soups are made with “Maazel paste”, a unique mixture of 34 kinds of purely domestically grown vegetables. This paste is used not only in our soups, but also in all of Maazel Maazel’s products, including dipping sauces and dressings.