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Healthy Food Can Be Flavourful 


34 types of vegetables in one spoon 


Preservative free soup that provides nourishment to your body and souperlicious!

  • This smoothie-type soup is so flavourful and accepted happily by picky kids who dislike vegetables.​

  • Small amounts can be used to easily add nutritional value to recipes.

  • Convenient & Ready-to-Drink give you nutritional balance diet.

  • It can be consumed in 3-ways, at room temperature/heat up/ chill.

Functional food that fits a variety of lifestyles


Nourish your body with

healthy, tasty, and smart food

Just heat it up in the microwave and you'll have a delicious soup in no time. The perfect nutritional supplement for busy mornings.


It can be stored at room temperature,

suitable as gift for any occasions

MM Soup is retort sterilised (heated & pressurised to kill bacteria), soup pack can be stored at room temperature for a long period.


A meal with soup to

brighten up

your table

The various colors of the soup are visually pleasing, like a field of flowers under a blue sky.


It's delicious on its own, but it's also

perfect as a sauce

for dishes too

Depending on your ideas, it can be used as a sauce for a variety of dishes!

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What our customers are saying

" Very tasty and nutritious soup with 34 types of vegetables. We wouldn't be eating 34 types of vegetables a day so this is the right choice.

Cooked spaghetti and curry and bell pepper soup which I warm it up in hot water. Super yummy. 

Stay Healthy

Shinjichlo Yee

"Convenient and delicious dinner. 

Thanks Kisekiya for the delicious soup. It suits really well with the spaghetti and the mushroom.


p/s:- I think this is the most type of vegetables I had in a single day.

pps: curry spice & bell pepper soup is really good.

— Junpin128

"Start trace your joy with
our healthy soup